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The Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP) is a non-profit statewide education and public outreach program. Created in 1998, OOGEEP provides a variety of programs throughout the State of Ohio. These programs primarily focus on teacher workshops, scholarships, student education, firefighter training, industry training, workforce development, research, landowner and guest speaker programs.

OOGEEP has gained respect from a variety of target markets by earning a reputation as a credible state and nationally recognized program. Providing factual information about the crude oil and natural gas industry, many programs have related curriculum and materials that meet state and national standards. OOGEEP is funded by Ohio’s crude oil and natural gas industry through an assessment on the production of all crude oil and natural gas produced in Ohio.  OOGEEP is not a state agency and does not utilize any taxpayer dollars.

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Why, yes, natural gas drilling can be done responsibly: Dave Spigelmyer https://t.co/is22qJwNWV
  • Natural Gas From Southeast Ohio will be Headed Hundreds of Miles Away

    April 25, 2017

    Marietta Times. Over the rolling hills and farmlands stretching across the Monroe and Noble county line, cattle farms and turkey hunters are sharing space with a new pipeline ultimately headed to Michigan and then on to Canada. The Rover pipeline, owned by Energy Transfer Partners, is a new inte [...]

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  • Why, yes, natural gas drilling can be done responsibly: Dave Spigelmyer

    April 22, 2017

    Penn Live. Over the past decade, America's energy outlook has transformed in ways few could have ever projected. Thanks to continuous technological advancements along with a lot of hard work, the United States is now the world's top oil and natural gas producer - putting our nation in a position [...]

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  • Monroe Continues Oil and Gas Development

    April 21, 2017

    Martins Ferry Times Leader. The oil and gas industry in Monroe County continues to develop, with Mountaineer NGL Storage LLC, based in Denver, still on track to develop and build a natural gas liquids storage facility in salt caverns just north of Clarington. According to county economic develop [...]

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