Who we are

The Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP) is a non-profit statewide education and public outreach program. Created in 1998, OOGEEP provides a variety of programs throughout the State of Ohio. These programs primarily focus on teacher workshopsscholarshipsscience fairfirefighter trainingindustry trainingcareer and workforce development, researchlandowner and guest speaker programs.

OOGEEP has earned a reputation as a state and nationally recognized program by providing factual information about the crude oil and natural gas industry.  The organization has developed many programs with related curriculum and materials that meet state and national science and safety standards. Many of these programs took several years to develop, and initially required a significant amount of research and development funds. OOGEEP is considered a creditable resource by the educational, emergency response, regulatory, and general public communities.

OOGEEP is funded by Ohio’s crude oil and natural gas industry. Ohio producers and royalty owners fund OOGEEP through an assessment on the production of all crude oil and natural gas produced in Ohio. That assessment, as voted on by Ohio producers, is currently five cents ($0.05) per gross barrel of crude oil (including condensate) and one cent ($0.01) per gross Mcf (thousand cubic feet) of natural gas produced in Ohio. The assessment is collected by first purchasers of crude oil and natural gas and remitted quarterly directly to OOGEEP.

OOGEEP is not a state agency and does not utilize any tax payer dollars to fund these educational and public outreach programs. OOGEEP does not engage in public or regulatory policy matters.

This investment by Ohio producers and royalty owners underscores their continuing commitment to provide and promote safe and environmentally sound operating practices, to improve the efficiency of finding and producing oil and gas reserves, to help consumers better understand the importance of Ohio’s vital oil and gas industry, and to continue to be good corporate stewards by providing a number of community and public outreach programs.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement (Revised February 24, 2014):

The Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program (“OOGEEP”) is a non-profit industry funded education program with the following mandates:

1. The promotion of a positive public awareness of the local oil and gas industry, and its vital energy and economic benefits to Ohio.
2. The development and implementation of educational materials and workshops in schools and public outreach programs pertaining to the science and technology of exploration, development and production of oil and gas;
3. The production of materials and training workshops for the industry and emergency responders;
4. To provide a factual and timely response to the public on questions, situations or concerns affecting the Ohio oil and gas industry.

OOGEEP shall utilize research, marketing, media and support staff as necessary to implement these mandates.


Awards Presented to OOGEEP

  • Power Players Who Are Guiding Ohio Shale,
    Crain's Shale Magazine
  • Who’s Who in Energy,
    Columbus Business First
  • 2012 Oilfield Patriot Award
    Ohio Oil and Gas Association,
  • Outstanding Project (Teacher Education),
    Ohio EPA / Ohio Environmental
    Education Fund
  • Special Recognition Award for Training
    & Safety,
    Wayne County Fire & Rescue
  • Top 5 Finalists
    Best Public Outreach Program,
    World Oil Magazine
  • Friend of Science Award,
    Science Education Council of Ohio
  • Presidential Award,
    American Association of Petroleum
  • Stewardship Recognition,
    Wayne National Forest
  • Public Outreach Stewardship Award 2014,
    Interstate Oil and Gas Compact
  • Minerals Education Award,
    Ohio Department of Natural Resources
    Division of Oil and Gas
    Resources Management
  • Workhorse Award,
    Southeastern Ohio Oil and Gas

OOGEEP Pipeline Awards

  • Jane Hunt
    Environmental Science teacher,
    Upper Arlington High School

  • Judie Perkowski
    Reporter, The Daily & Sunday Jeffersonian
    and Ohio Gas & Oil Magazine

  • Chief Brent Gates
    New Concord Fire Department

  • Dr. Robert W. Chase
    Chair and Benedum Professor,
    Department of Petroleum Engineering and Geology


  • Ron Whitmire Chair
    Enervest, LTD.
  • Tim Altier Vice Chair
    Alliance Petroleum Corporation
  • Ralph Talmage Treasurer
    Northwood Energy Corporation
  • Ron Grosjean
    Kenoil, INC.
  • Greg Mason
    The Energy Cooperative
  • Bill Siskovic
    Everflow Eastern Partners
  • Sarah Tipka
    A.W. Tipka Oil & Gas, INC.

Scholarship Committee


Rhonda Reda Executive Director
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Charlie Dixon Safety and Workforce Director
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Debbie Quackenbush Office Manager
Ann Croce Visual Communications
Erica Schubert Education and Community Outreach Director